Vettore - Launching September 2021

Vettore is a modular lounge system designed with classic, tailored sensibilities while offering an efficient modularity to adapt to evolving flexible work space. Designed by Toan Nguyen, Vettore configures within any environment to create intimate lounge settings or fill spacious public scenarios. Built on a universal base “stage”, Vettore allows for unlimited user specification with upholstered or table components to create a customized sofa to fit their needs. Vettore, Italian for “vector” or “array”,  divides space comfortably and adds elegance to thoughtful casual work styles.


The selection of individual components allows for contrasting textiles and finishes for endless possibilities. Every sofa is custom to every environment. Vettore avoids the conventional modularity of freestanding components and adds a visual lightness to a space through a low profile base.


  • Configurations: straight benches and sectional benches
  • Leg Style: exposed oak veneer plywood, auto-return swivel disc, and four-leg
  • Metal Base Finishes: Fundamental and Fashion powdercoat
  • Table Finishes: Laminate and Veneer



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