Petal Lounge provokes an essence of nature and mimics the blossoming of a flower with the natural organic curves of the chair. The sense of tranquility Petal brings into a space adds an inviting atmosphere to any room. Designed by the Studio TK Design team as an accent piece in a traditional lounge environment or used in multiples for a stand-alone greeting space, Petal can enhance any space.

Paired with an exposed plywood base or one of the two metal base options in an organic paint color, Petal exudes a natural calm. Petal includes three base styles including an exposed plywood base, an auto-return swivel disc base, and a four-leg metal base.


  • Configurations: lounge chair
  • Leg Style: exposed oak veneer plywood, auto-return swivel disc, and four-leg
  • Metal Base Finishes: Fundamental and Fashion powdercoat
  • Plywood Base Finishes: Basque White Oak, Natural, Sierra, Cocoa Brown, Truffle



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