Studio TK Introduces Petal Lounge

Evoking feelings of nature, Petal Lounge adds organic curves and creates an inviting atmosphere

January 25, 2021


Studio TK today announced the launch of Petal Lounge, designed by the firm’s in-house design team. Petal provokes an essence of nature and mimics the blossoming of a flower with its organic curves. The sense of tranquility Petal brings into a space creates an inviting atmosphere. Designed as an accent piece in a traditional lounge environment or used in multiples for a stand-alone greeting space, Petal can enhance any room.


“Petal’s curved, separated cushions bring an organic touch to every room. The blossoming shape of Petal can complement an existing lounge or, when multiple pieces are grouped together they can create an inviting and peaceful greeting space,” said Charlie Bell, President, Studio TK. “The soft look and feel of Petal evokes a sense of calmness and warmth. Using a blooming flower as the source of inspiration, Petal adds a touch of nature into every room.”


Through this collection, Studio TK continues to bridge the gap between where we work and the cultures we aspire to create. With its rounded features and craft details, Petal pushes the boundaries of and expectations of traditional lounge seating. Soft upholstery offers a comfortable, residential aesthetic that celebrates tranquility. With all the uncertainties the future holds, bringing natural, inviting elements into a space helps reduce anxiety. The separated structure of the chair mimics a blossoming flower and invites people to curl up to a moment of peace.


Paired with an exposed plywood base or one of the two powdercoated base options in an organic color, Petal exudes a natural calm. Petal includes three base styles including an exposed plywood base, an auto-return swivel disc base, and a four-leg powdercoat base.




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Oona Walsh, Director of Marketing